It won’t be smooth sailing at the ALDC during next week’s “Dance Moms.” Episode 28’s title, “Abby, You’re Fired,” hints there is bad news coming for the coach and the synopsis offers more details about the drama ahead.

According to Lifetime’s summary for the Season 6B installment, Jill Vertes will make a big decision about her daughter Kendall’s music career. A sneak peek for the episode (more on that here) reveals she’ll fire Abby after failing to put out Kendall’s new album. The synopsis confirms Abby will be “infuriated” with Jill’s decision and episode 28’s promo teases some of the fighting to come.

Jill won’t be the only bearer of bad news. Abby will inform the mini team they will not be competing for the week after failing to impress her with their mime routine. “Abby punishes the minis for their poor performance and gives the first solos of the season to the elites,” the summary states. To help the minis work on their musicality and timing, she’ll bring in an “old friend” to get them on track. The elite moms will be thrilled with Abby’s decision, but they won’t be happy with the tension among the mini moms.

A scene from the promo shows Holly Frazier getting upset backstage at the competition after complaining she’s tired of the drama with the other team’s mothers. “I’m not staying here,” she announces as her daughter Nia Sioux looks on confused. “The last OG will be gone!”

Elsewhere in the episode one of the moms will find herself at the center of a media storm when a tabloid “uncovers a secret” from her past.

[Spoiler Alert]

The elite’s failed miserably at the last competition, only placing fifth for their co-choreographed routine, but they’ll step up their game in episode 28. Their contemporary Minecraft inspired dance, “Mind Craft,” placed first in the teen division at Dream NDC in Panorama City, California, on May 21, according to a spoiler site.

Abby’s three soloists didn’t fare as well. JoJo Siwa’s number failed to place, Kendall took seventh, and Kalani Hilliker led the pack by placing fourth in the teen division.