A huge advertisement just outside of the L.A. Convention Center, where this year's E3 will be held starting on June 10, reveals that "Dark Souls II," a sequel to the action RPG "Dark Souls," will be released in March 2014.

A gamer spotted the advertisement and snapped a photo of it. The bottom right-hand corner of the ad seems to sport a Namco Bandai logo, which published the original "Dark Souls" game. This strongly suggests that the ad and the release date are both real and accurate.


  1. "Dark Souls" was released in 2011 to critical acclaim, earning a 9.5 from GameSpot and a 9 from IGN.
  3. What do you think of this add? Do you think it's legit? Are you looking forward to "Dark Souls II"? If so, why? What features of "Dark Souls" do you want to see again in "Dark Souls II"? What new features should be added? Which features shouldn't appear in the sequel? Sound off in the comments below.