Late night talk show hosts David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon don’t need audiences to bring the funny; the two continued their shows during Hurricane turned Tropical Storm Sandy, despite there being no one to watch.

Both are used to having packed audiences that book tickets months in advance, but each had cameras pan in on the completely empty audience area as they began their shows, right in the middle of Sandy’s fury, according to the Daily Mail.

Letterman made light of the situation with a hilarious opening monologue at “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

“We're in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and we have no studio audience, but we do have quite a show for you tonight. Thank you for joining us in the Ed Sullivan Shelter,” he said.

“If I were home, I'd be boarding up your television sets, because this is the stuff that's gonna hurt somebody.”

Actor Denzel Washington, Letterman’s single guest for the night braved the storm and entered the stage with yellow rain coat on.

“Only for you, Dave. I swam,” Washington answered to Letterman asking how he made it to the studio.

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” opened with Fallon outside being tossed around by the heavy winds.

“I'm hoping, if you're watching, you are at home, you're safe, you're warm, but we're here,” he said.

Earlier on Oct, 29, the talk show host had turned to bribes to coax people on of their houses, posting on his Twitter that any audience members in attendance for the evening's show would receive free pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Despite the offering Fallon decided to send home the 10 audience members that arrived and taped the show solo.

There was one steadfast audience member; however, Mets Bucket Hat Guy, or “Late Night” writer Mike DiCenzo, who did a skit with Fallon as part of the show.

All of his guests were in attendances after Fallon messaged them saying, “Midtown NYC is empty, but we are still doing a live show! Might be a sleepover.”

He interviewed actress Padma Lakshmi, actor Seth Meyers, and film director Robert Zemeckis; and indie band, Imagine Dragons performed.

E! Online notes that other late night shows like “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report,” were on repeat, as well as “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” which films in Los Angeles, Ca. but was in New York for a special taping.