He was the one who was responsible for Wyatt finding Ciara and dating her, but after realizing just how much her new boyfriend is using her, Theo will finally come clean and tell his best friend the truth on the Friday, May 19 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

In a misguided effort to find Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) a boyfriend on the NBC soap, Theo (Kyler Pettis) paid Wyatt (Scott Shilstone) to date her. Dually motivated by a desire to see Ciara happy and to keep Claire’s (Olivia Keegan) jealousy at bay, Theo told Wyatt everything he needed to know about Ciara, including all of her interests, so that he would seem perfectly compatible to her. The plot worked, and Ciara has fallen head over heels for her new man. However, it has also led to more problems for Theo.

Since Wyatt won Ciara over, Theo has felt guilty about what he’s done, but the real problem for him has involved just how much he realizes Wyatt is using her. Not only has he seen Ciara pay for their nights out and meals at the pub and other places on several occasions, but he has also learned that she is writing some of his papers for his college classes. His confrontation with Wyatt didn’t go over so well unfortunately, as Wyatt not only denied using Ciara, and claimed he wasn’t after her money, but also threatened to expose the truth about how he found her. Wyatt knows that exposure would also mean that Theo winds up betraying Ciara, not just him, and he reminded the other man that he could destroy his own relationship with Ciara as well.

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However, after once again seeing Ciara and potentially learning of another way she is doing something for or with Wyatt that he can’t condone, Theo will finally come clean and tell Ciara the truth. He will admit to her that he hired Wyatt to date her and make her think they had a lot in common, but will also try to explain that he never meant for it to go further than that when it come to the things Ciara has done for her boyfriend.

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Unfortunately, Ciara may not see things quite as clearly as that, and will be devastated by the betrayal. And after she gives it some hard thought, she may decide that it’s too much for her to overcome. She already was having a hard time dealing with Theo and Claire being together before she was single, but now, after knowing how Theo has also betrayed her trust, she may decide the time has come for her to leave Salem and all the heartache behind for good.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.