A chain of massive tornadoes Friday destroyed the tiny southern Indiana enclave of Daisy Hill, leaving its mark by sweeping the homes away.

The twister spawned by massive thunderstorms had killed at least 39 people in five states - 20 people in Kentucky, 14 in neighboring Indiana, three in Ohio and one in Alabama,Reuters reported quoting officials.

The storm destroyed blocks of homes, damaged schools, knocked out cell phones and landlines, ripped power lines, and tossed around vehicles like school busses and tractor-trailers onto roads.

Thunderstorms, predicted by forecasters for days, threw off dozens of tornadoes as the raced from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes Friday.

However, no one died in Daisy Hill. Many survivors are thanking their basements where they had found refugee during the storm.

Residents from South and Midwest along with rescuers Saturday combed through wrecked home in a search for survival of tornadoes that killed dozens of people in U.S.

Residents Saturday picked through the debris of their homes, searching for valuables and memories.

Massive tornadoes terribly destroyed Indiana and Kentucky, with Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee overrun as well.

President Barack Obama and wife Michelle offered their deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives, according to a statement on the White House Web site.

He also offered the governors of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio the Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance, the statement read.

While we may not know the extent of the damage for days, we will continue to monitor these severe storms across the country and stand ready to continue to help the people of Alabama and all citizens affected by these storms, the statement said.