There are countless celestial bodies deep inside of Cosmos, which stimulate our imagination. Here are two images released by NASA, which reflect the fight between the Good and Evil in space - and they are both watching us from far away.

NASA has released images of Galaxy NGC 4151 and NGC 7293 that look like glowing eyes.

The first image is that of the central region of Galaxy NGC 4151. To the netizens, it reminds them of the eye of Satan. It looks like a really evil eye to me, Gizmodo said. Indeed NGC 4151 emits dreary and gloomy-bluish light, which is surrounded by reddish borders.

On the other hand, the second image of NGC 7293 or Helix Nebula is nicknamed as 'The eye of God'. This elegant pure-blue iris, surrounded by orange border, reminds us that in somewhere far away in the Universe, there is the eye of God, which is watching over us.