It seems that Demi Moore has found out a way to go newly and leave behind her sad memories with Ashton Kutcher - by dating a florist.

Not even less than two weeks of announcing her divorce with Ashton Kutcher, Moore was spotted having dinner with man at the Sunset Tower, a celebrity restaurant in Los Angeles.

According to Us Weekly, Moore seemed fine, in a good mood and laughing and she was just with her friend having a nice night out.

Then who is this mystery man? It turns out that he is florist Eric Butterbaugh, one of Moore's best friends.

Though Moore was spotted with a male friend, it seems to be too early to assume that they're in a relatonship.

They are BFFs, the source told Us Weekly. Totally platonic friends.

Indeed, now Moore just needs a plantonic friend with whom she can feel comfortable without worrying about the future.

Meanwhile, Ashton Kutcher has tweeted to his fans about how he spent his holiday by posting a picture of himself with a cow. The caption read: Country Giving.

Seems Kutcher chose to be with Mother Nature than a female friend, which is a bit different from Moore, in regards to their healing methods after divorce.