UPDATE: 3:43 a.m. EDT — The U.S. House of Representatives has been adjourned until Friday morning even as the Democrat-led protest over gun control laws extends to over 16 hours. Many remain inside the House, continuing with the sit-in.

Original story:

The Democratic sit-in to protest the Republican-controlled Congress’ inaction on gun control legislation on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives entered its second day Thursday with no end in sight.

The Democrats’ protest began with a speech by Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, who participated in civil rights sit-ins in the 1960s, condemning Republicans for blocking gun control legislation and accusing the GOP of kowtowing to the National Rifle Association.

The Democrats continued to give speeches with frequent pauses to chant "no bill, no break" and "Shame! Shame!" as the House voted to adjourn and start a new legislative day at 2:30 a.m.

Led by Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, House Republicans hope to start the day with a spending bill that includes $1.1 billion in Zika funding. The House is expected to adjourn until July 5 after the vote on the Zika funding.

At the same time, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent an email soliciting donations shortly after the sit-in carried on into Thursday, signed by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“This is an historically important moment! John Lewis has been leading a sit-in on the House floor for 11 long hours now. We’re fighting to prevent gun violence,” the email reads, according to the Hill. “The Republicans refuse to lift a finger. It’s shameful. I need your help to defeat them once and for all.”

The email reportedly calls for 6,000 donations and gives several options to donate amounts between $1 and $250. 

After the Republicans turned off the cameras that cover activity on the chamber’s floor via the pay-TV network C-SPAN, Democrat leaders like Rep. Scott Peters of California took to Twitter’s live streaming application Periscope to share video of the protest.

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut recently conducted a 15-hour filibuster to bring a vote to the floor regarding the legislation that would curb gun sales to people on terrorism watch lists and make it essential to run universal background checks on gun buyers, following the increased instances of shootings in the country. The Democrats have also repeatedly fought for "no fly, no buy" where a person who is not allowed on an airplane would not be allowed to buy a gun.

Outside the Capitol, people gathered in solidarity with the bill on gun control as the Democrats came out one by one to address the masses.