Denise Richards is doing her part to help out dogs rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy by  adopting a furry friend and encouraging others to take in orphaned animals.

“Denise Richards visited North Shore Animal League America headquarters yesterday to provide vital help in spreading the word about our disaster relief efforts and encouraging adoptions,” the Long Island, N.Y., group posted to its Facebook page. "During their visit Denise and her family fell in love with Tara the Labrador Mutt-i-gree puppy and welcomed her into their home!”

The Facebook page featured a photo of Richards snuggling up to Tara.

Richards, 41, alerted her nearly 2.5 million Twitter followers about her visit to the adoption center, where animals are in need of homes after being rescued during Hurricane Sandy.

“Day off tomorrow. Heading to an animal shelter, to help out,” the actress tweeted. “Over 600 rescued from the hurricane. My girls are coming to help too.”

Facebook users supported Richards’ decision to adopt Tara.

“Better she's adopting a mutt than anything from a breeder! Good for you, Denise, and great for the puppy!!” commented Janel Amador.

“What a cute puppy. I'm so happy she found herself a home,” said Paige Catherine. “And I'm so glad that people are spreading the word about shelters.”

“Denise Richards has a heart of GOLD glad to see a celebrity like her use her success for good!” wrote Tami Rodman Pinsker.

Richards is just one of many celebrities helping out in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged parts of New York and New Jersey.

Lady Gaga has pledged to donate $1 million to the American Red Cross, according to On The Red Carpet. Other stars aiding hurricane victims include Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Cindy Lauper, the website reported.