He's already in the NBA Hall of Fame, but apparently Dennis Rodman wants more from basketball. So Rodman is attempting to field a basketball team -- but it's not the type of team one might expect. This New York City-based squad will feature topless women, playing for Headquarters Gentleman Club.

Rodman knew that Rick's Cabaret had momentarily launched a topless basketball league with Spud Webb, a former NBA star with the Atlanta Hawks. Currently, Webb is in charge of the NBA Development League team the Texas Legends. But Rodman hopes his topless team -- once he gets it together -- can face Rick's Cabaret's team in a charity game, according to MSNBC.com. 

I don't know too many men that don't like a good-looking woman running up and down around the court, Rodman said.

The Headquarters strip club is apparently a place Rodman is quite familiar with. He's been a customer there for three decades. Now, he's looking for talent not for the strip pole but for the court. He is searching for women over five-foot-10 to become a part of the team, according to the report.

They don't need topless basketball experience, but it would help if they know how to throw the ball into the hole, Rodman said.

Webb and Rick's Cabaret dreamed up the topless league concept during the NBA lockout. Teams formed in several cities in the U.S. but everything fizzled when the lockout ended and NBA play began. But Rodman thought he saw something valuable in the concept, saying he wants to launch a team for Headquarters while challenging Rick's Cabaret to a charity game featuring topless players.

I don't know too many men that don't like a good-looking woman running up and down around the court, Rodman told The New York Post's Page Six.

Players for Rodman's team will be outfitted on the court in shorts, sneakers and skimpy shirts to warm up. 

They'll come out in a T-shirt or a tank top, but when the game starts, they'll go topless, Rodman boasted, according to the Post.

A Rick's Cabaret spokesperson said Rodman is a regular at that club, too, and that if the topless league was still underway the former NBA star would be a perfect candidate for leadership.

We stepped aside when the NBA returned, said a Rick's spokesman, according to the Post. We love Dennis . . . His regular table at Rick's Cabaret is available. We wish Dennis well in coaching another team, but if the RBA was still in existence, we would have made Dennis our commissioner.

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