Dennis Rodman made a major typo.

The NBA star and Celebrity Apprentice contestant was fired from the reality show after his team misspelled Donald Trump’s wife’s name, NBC reports.

The two teams were asked to design an ad campaign for Melania Trump’s skincare line, Melania Caviar Complexe. Rodman, who was project manager for Team Power, opted for a large portrait of the former model along with the slogan, “Simply Milania, Simply Luxury," where Mrs. Trump’s name is misspelled with the letter "i" instead of an "e." 

Throughout the team’s final presentation, nobody on Team Power noticed the mistake. In fact, they thought they did quite well.

The Trumps were in shock.

“I cannot believe that they spelled my name wrong,” Melania said. “It’s all over the place and nobody even noticed. Amazing.”

Trump called Rodman and Trace Adkins into the boardroom to discuss the mishap. Adkins, who was in charge of the graphics, blamed the mistake on the graphic designer and Rodman for signing off on it. The Donald was not impressed with the typo or Rodman’s frequent boardroom appearances and fired the Hall of Famer.

But Plan B, the competing team, had its share of troubles.

In its presentation, Project Manager Penn Jillette referred to Melania Trump as the product line’s “spokesman” instead of its creator, SheKnows.com pointed out.  

Melania Trump’s beauty didn’t go unnoticed.

Team member Gary Busey said, "Have you ever had your genitalia so excited that it spins like a Ferris wheel on a carnival ride? That's how beautiful she is."