Late Wednesday former NBA star Dennis Rodman had a life changing experience. After 42 long years he finally met his estranged father, Philander Rodman Jr.

Rodman hadn't seen his father since December 1969, despite an attempt from Philander to make contact in 2006. Philander, who the Associated Press reports fathered 29 children by 16 different mothers, was reportedly shocked yet happy when Rodman agreed to meet him after an exhibition game in the Philippines.

It was great, Philander told the Associated Press about his experience finally meeting his son. The two spent only about three minutes, and Yahoo sports reports that the discussion was brief and that the basketball player kept his sunglasses on.

I've been trying to meet him for years, Philander continued to the Associated Press. And then last night, boom, I met him. I was really, really happy and very surprised.

The father hopes that its the beginning of something new, giving his son his phone number, who promised to call.

Rodman's meeting Wednesday night was a step forward for the basketball star. Despite telling reporters that he doesn't hate the guy that brought me into this world, he refused to talk to him six years ago.

The fact is, If I saw him, I'll just tell him, 'You know, you're a friend of mine, Rodman explained to reporters.

Philander had been in the Air Force in New Jersey when Dennis Rodman was born, he wrote in his 1996 memoir Bad As I Want To Be. At three-years-old, Rodman's mother moved them back to Dallas, and that's when Philander stopped seeing his child.

Philander Rodman, 71, is reported to be currently running an establishment in the Philippines called Rodman's Rainbow Obamaburger. According to the Associated Press, the menu features burgers with red, yellow and green colored buns and fries.