This week’s update from “Destiny” developer Bungie tackles the expected updates that will come before the “House of Wolves” expansion debuts May 19. In a blog post update, Bungie announced that the first of the two updates, dubbed Update 1.2.0, has been scheduled for Tuesday.

But Bungie noted on Twitter that the changes that come with the patch are not yet live.

“The work being done by @BungieHelp today will deploy 1.2.0 but not activate it. changes will go live at a later date to be announced,” the developer tweeted.

Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague also confirmed this via the “Destiny” Reddit. According to DeeJ, the downtime happened due to some tweaks behind the scenes. But as of now, the effects and changes brought about by those tweaks are not yet reflected for players to see or experience.

This runs contrary to what some data miners have stumbled upon. One such source is Redditor Quinonvocabitur, who had laid out some of the patch notes that were found via Bungie’s official website. As of this writing, however, the source has already removed the listed patch notes.

Another update is expected to debut on the day “House of Wolves” arrives. On May 19, approximately after 10 a.m. PDT, Update will arrive to activate the downloadable content (DLC). The developer has also warned fans that the patch notes will be coming straight from Bungie instead of data miners, so stay tuned for the complete list.

In the meantime, some new information beyond the “House of Wolves” has turned up. During an exclusive visit, IGN managed to confirm that other raids are now on the drawing board. But these will not be part of the “House of Wolves.” This runs parallel to what was previously revealed in the Twitch stream, where Bungie confirmed that Raids will not be part of its second DLC.

“The in-game for House of Wolves consists of Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris, and that’s all. There are Raids being worked on still, but we’re not talking about them today,” said ‘House of Wolves’ DLC lead designer Matt Sammons. 

"Destiny" House of Wolves Behind the Scenes (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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