Now that the “House of Wolves” expansion for “Destiny” from Bungie has already been released, fans are slowly finding the secrets and new changes that come with it. Currently, however, there is one major secret that only a handful of fans are privy to: the Lighthouse.

The new secret area in “Destiny” can be accessed via the Trials of Osiris. According to Kotaku, the area is very exclusive, mostly because of the difficulty that players will need to go through to get there. The secret area is only accessible to those who are able to finish the 3v3 mode nine times straight.

The Lighthouse features a lot of beautiful sights on Mercury. The source features a couple of screenshots as well as a video, seen below, exploring the secret area. Besides the new sights, the game also offers players the chance to win Trials of Osiris in a flawless victory. For every round a player wins, there are bigger and better prizes in store for the entire team.

This is just among the new activities that “Destiny” players are currently engaged in following the House of Wolves expansion. In the latest Bungie update, the developer announced some figures, including the 900,000 times that the Skolas has been captured or the 9,000 times that it has been evicted from the Prison of Elders. Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague did tease something more for the expansion.

“House of Wolves has a few more secrets tucked up its sleeves. There are battles that have yet to even begin,” he said in the update.

Beyond the newly released “House of Wolves,” there is a new hint to what Bungie may be planning for the future of “Destiny.” The Destiny Blog, a source for “Destiny” updates, reports that the developer has filed a trademark for Eververse on May 19.

The trademark was filed in the U.S. and includes the name Eververse Trading Co. and even a logo featuring the initials “EV.” There is no way yet by which the trademark can be related to “Destiny” and its own universe. Given how massive the plans for “Destiny” are, there is a possibility that this could be additional content slated after the third expansion or it could easily be part of the sequel to progress the story.

The source did find a description stating that it is more than just an interactive game software. The trademark is reportedly also for video game software, audio books and digital books for novels, comic books, graphic novels, reference and instruction guides. This suggests possible merchandise related to “Destiny,” if indeed Eververse is related to the “Destiny” universe.

The Lighthouse in "Destiny" expansion House of Wolves (Credit: YouTube/Hazed)