Deutsche Bank is looking to sell a debt of loans of leveraged buyouts to investors and private equity firms, for much less than the $20 billion dollars previously announced, Reuters reported.

Earlier Monday a report from the Wall Street Journal stated that Deutsche Bank wanted to sell a debt of almost $20 billion of loans. However Reuters quoting a person briefed on the matter said any sale is expected to be less than $20 billion and probably less than half of it.

Among the U.S. firms interested in buying Deutsche's Bank debt are companies who are talking also to Citigroup, as Citi decided to relief of its own $12 billion debt. Firms such as Blackstone group, Apollo Management LP and TPG were interested and currently in talks.

In addition to these companies, Deutsche Bank is also discussing with an affiliate of Bain Capital LLC, the Wall Street Journal said.

The amount that the buyout firms will pay to Deutsche Bank was not disclosed, however the prevailing price for such debt is around 90 cents on the dollar, according to various reports.