Amidst rumor that Demi Moore contacted a divorce lawyer over husband's Ashton Kutcher alleged infidelity, a report has surfaced that Kutcher begged his wife for forgiveness on Yom Kippur at a campfire in Santa Barbara, Calif. on Monday published photographs obtained by Star magazine, which show the couple at an alleged camping reunion. It is being reported that Kutcher, 33, who has been labeled as a serial, used the Day of Atonement to apologize for his sins.

Reports are that Kutcher cheated on his wife on Sept. 24 with a 23-year-old blond known as Sara Leal, the morning of the couple's sixth anniversary.

The fireside chat is one of the rare times the embattled pair has been seen photographed together in three months and since news broke of Ashton's wild hot-tub party awash with booze and blonds.

You can see the Star magazine photos here.

The couple was also seen out together over the weekend when it is believed they attended the same service at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, Calif., on Friday evening.

People magazine has reported that the Kutcher was seen affectionately leaning down to talk to the actress, who was quiet and appeared tired. They both then left arms around each other's waist.

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