“Dishonored 2” is not arriving until Friday, Nov. 11, but as early as today, there are already issues that were found to be plaguing the PC version of the game. One gamer who got a copy earlier than the game’s release revealed these issues online, and they may disappoint players who are getting the PC version.

NeoGAF user Dmax3901 received a preview copy of “Dishonored 2” from Bethesda recently, and he did not waste any time in examining how the game performs and if it lives up to expectations. In a lengthy post that is backed by numerous screenshots, Dmax3901 detailed how issues with frame rates persisted the entire time he was playing the game.

In his post, Dmax3901 pointed out that he “was unable to maintain 60 fps at 1440p” on his PC, which has R9 290 graphics, an i5 4690k processor and 16GB of RAM. He revealed that he decided to set it at 1080p, but he had to switch off the more demanding settings to maintain 60fps. However, this setting did not at all ensure that the game would not dip to below 60fps.

Even when the graphics settings were set to Very Low, Dmax3901 still experienced frame rate dips. Thus, he commented: “While the art style is just as gorgeous as its predecessor, the visuals don’t seem like they should be all that demanding.”

To confirm the issues, Dmax3901 did a clean uninstall before installing once again the drivers Bethesda recommended for AMD cards. To his surprise, however, the issues with frame rates were still there. He even tried to shrug it off as an isolated case, but he was later on convinced that the issues really persisted since frame rates tanked whenever he turned to an open area.

CraveOnline reports that the issues Dmax3901 pointed out came into light just days after “Skyrim Special Edition” owners raised their concern over performance issues in the game that Bethesda developed. At launch, “Skyrim Special Edition” players also complained about frame rate issues and crashes. With Dmax3901’s revelation, it’s quite likely for “Dishonored 2” players to experience the same issues at launch.

Nevertheless, these issues did not stop Bethesda from releasing the official launch trailer for “Dishonored 2” ahead of the game’s arrival on PS4, Xbox One and Windows on Friday.