The appearance online of a video of Siri, the voice-assisted artificial intelligence developed by Apple Inc. for use with the iPhone 4S, working on other Apple devices delighted a number of users as jailbreak utility H1Siri claimed to offer full Siri functionality on any GSM or CDMA iPhone 4 running either the iOs5 or iOS 5.0.1 operating systems.

But recent reports suggest that the utility, developed by a group of Chinese hackers calling themselves the CD-Dev Team, poses security risks for users' personal data. The hack is also unlawful as it uses Apple's copyrighted codes.

According to a Techcrunch report, the team's account on Weibo (a Twitter-like Chinese micro-blogging service) said the hackers didn't intend for the utility to be accessible by the general public. Their intention, apparently, was to run a small test. The code has now, however, been leaked and their servers cannot handle the load.

Several developers, including Grant Paul, aka chpwn, have confirmed that H1Siri uses copyrighted binaries from the iPhone 4S. In addition, chpwn also noted that the software sends personal information, including texts, calendars and contacts, to servers in China.


Photo: Twitter

iDownloadBlog advised users to be cautious about this new port after its tests with H1Siri failed.

H1Siri from Jeff on Vimeo.

We were very skeptical of mentioning the package for several reasons, the iDownloadBlog report said, First off, it comes from an unknown developer and an unknown source, which should always send up a red flag. Second, the only way we've heard that an actual Siri port is possible is by using illegal code.

In addition, the hack has also reportedly caused random reboots, camera failures, a messed-up Settings app, a freeze at the Apple logo (boot) screen and even bricked devices.

If you still wish to go down this path, do so at your own peril; it is highly recommended, however, to not install this software.