Eccentric forward Dennis Rodman is headed to Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Worm was among the names announced to be honored as a Basketball Hall of Famer on Monday, along with several others including: Chris Mullin, Tom Satch Sanders, and Tex Winter.

It's cool, man. It's a great feeling,'' Rodman said, according to

Rodman's selection might be a surprise to some. He was never a great scorer. In fact, he could be labeled as a terrible scorer, who just simply hit shots on garbage plays.

But Rodman was an excellent defender, and late into his career, he became one of the best rebounders in professional basketball. He was a seven-time All-Defensive First team member and seven-time rebound champion. Rodman also won five NBA championships.

Does being a great rebounder, a great defensive player, and being a part of great teams qualify a player for the Hall?

According to the Basketball Hall of Fame, the answer is yes.

The Hall is sending a great message: intangibles matter. No basketball fan will say Rodman was a legitimate offensive threat. But they will never say that Rodman didn't hustle.

For someone under 6'9 to rebound as effectively as Rodman did was incredible.

Rodman was also proficient at getting into players' heads, and playing smart basketball. He rarely took ill-advised shots, and had very good pass selection.

The Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls were able to win championships due to Rodman's tenacity on defense and the glass.

The Hall looked past Rodman's off-the-court theatrics, and lack of offensive skill, and chose a player for his tremendous work ethic.