Jorge Hernandez Marin, a Mexican lawyer for American drug company Baxter International Inc. was caught on tape bribing a expert testifying against the pharmaceutical manufacturer in an ongoing lawsuit.

In a recording acquired by the Associated Press, Hernandez Marin said he would pay accountant Rafael Aspuru Alvarez 200,000 pesos ($16,000 roughly) if he left the country the day he was to appear in court.

Tomorrow I'll buy you a ticket to New York, Hernandez Marin said on the recording, according to AP.

You go to New York with your wife. And you say that your son fell. He broke his leg on a bicycle in Manhattan and you had to go. And that's why you didn't accept the assignment.

The audio tape was made in the lawyer's Mexico City office in February. Alvarez captured the conversation on his pocket tape recorder, which he says he uses so that he doesn't have to take notes.

The offer to engage an expert was not intended seriously and the lawyer had no authority to offer it or act on it, Baxter spokeswoman Laureen Cassidy told the AP. It does not constitute bribery under Mexican law and was never acted upon.

However, to avoid any further distraction surrounding the pending litigation between Baxter and Translog, this individual has been removed from any involvement in matters involving Baxter, Cassidy said. He now has absolutely no role in this matter or representing Baxter in any capacity.

Alvarez works for a trucking company called Translog, which is currently in the midst of a $25 million suit with Baxter International's Mexican business.