As trade rumors surrounding Dwight Howard run rampant, Superman is reportedly having an about-face on the possibility of being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and signing a long-term deal with the franchise.

Dwight Howard had been dead-set on the Brooklyn Nets as his preferred trade destination, but talks between the Orlando Magic and the new-look Nets broke down after Brooklyn re-signed center Brook Lopez. Lopez had been the centerpiece of the trade discussions with Howard. Restricted free agent Kris Humphries, who just re-upped with the Nets, was another piece being discussed with Orlando.

Trade rumors of Howard landing in Los Angeles have been heating up now that D12 is reportedly amendable to signing with the Lakers long-term, according to Howard's previous reluctance to sign an extension with the Los Angeles was not preventing the Lakers from pursuing the Magic superstar, with Lakers center Andrew Bynum going to Orlando in a rumored trade. reported Howard has moved on from his Big Apple infatuation and is locked in on joining the Los Angeles Lakers.

A third team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, is rumored to be in on the deal to facilitate Howard's move to Los Angeles. In the rumored trade, the Lakers would receive Dwight Howard, Los Angeles center Andrew Bynum would be shipped to Cleveland and the Magic would get Cavs center Anderson Varejao and multiple draft picks.'s report was backed by Chris Broussard of ESPN. Two sources told Broussard that Howard would sign a long-term deal with the Lakers should Orlando ship him to Los Angeles, reported.

It's unclear how much of an effect Howard's new stance will have on the chances he gets dealt in the coming days.

Orlando is not in a rush to trade Howard and the Magic have pause on trading Superman to the Lakers because Bynum is unwilling to sign an extension should he be traded to Orlando.

Although Bynum has not completely ruled out playing with the Magic ... he will not sign an extension with them, and instead will wait until after the season to potentially test the free-agent market, reported.

If trade discussions for Dwight Howard with the Magic fall through, the Lakers will focus on extending Bynum's contract and re-signing forward Jordan Hill, the website reported.