Eagles of Death Metal, who were performing at Paris' Bataclan concert hall the night of the terrorist attacks there on Nov. 13, are continuing to "Play It Forward." The band has announced that a series of popular artists and bands have joined their charity campaign.

In late November the band announced that they teamed up with Duran Duran and other big names in the music business to launch the "I Love You All The Time" Play It Forward Campaign. After learning that Eagles of Death Metal fans had helped push the band's cover of the '80s music duo's hit song "Save a Prayer" to No. 1 in the United Kingdom, founding member Simon LeBon went on Twitter to announce that they would be donating a portion of their royalties to charity. Upon returning to the stage post-attacks, Eagles of Death Metal began asking bands around the world to cover "I Love You All The Time," a song on their most recent album "Zipper Down." The band decided to follow in LeBon's footsteps, donating every dollar they made from selling the covers to The Sweet Stuff Foundation. According to the release, the organization was founded by Eagles of Death Metal co-founder Joshua Homme and provides a great deal of assistance to musicians and their families when they need it most. The Sweet Stuff Foundation also provides music education and gear for young musicians. 

Eagles of Death Metal was able to recruit the help of popular bands like Florence + The Machine (Ft. The Maccabees), Imagine Dragons, Jimmy Eat World, Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket, The New Pacific, Savages and more. Each participating group was asked to donate all funds generated from sales of the song to The Sweet Stuff Foundation. Homme spoke out about the charitable initiative, saying he and his bandmates were "proud to be a little part of such a big thing." He went on to thank each participating group for their cooperation and making a difference. 

"I made a plea to artists and business people alike to come together to use our solidarity as proof that we are stronger together, and that we can make a difference. We are proud to be a little part of such a big group of talent and good will," he said. "We can't thank these artists enough for their donations of talent, love, time and compassion. Now, the Play It Forward Campaign is in the hands of the fans to help us make a difference, and to help those affected by this tragedy. Please listen, purchase, play, and enjoy -- and know that every time you do, you're doing the sweet stuff that makes a difference."

The band returned to Le Bataclan on Dec. 7 to pay their respects to those who lost their lives inside the theater. Although the concert hall is not open, and likely will remain that way until 2017, it serves as a makeshift memorial site filled with cards, candles and flowers. As was previously reported, the band visited the site, taking the time to read cards left outside the theater and hugging each other. 

Days after the attack, Eagles of Death Metal fans rallied together in support. On Nov. 16 they launched a campaign called Eagles of Death Metal For No. 1, pushing the band's Duran Duran cover of "Save a Prayer" to the top of the charts. The campaign was a huge success, helping the song to the No. 1 spot on both iTunes and Amazon rock charts. 

It remains unclear how much Eagles of Death Metal and the other band supporting the "I Love You All The Time" Play It Forward Campaign have raised. The band made their first appearance alonside U2 on Dec. 2, and will be returning to the stage on Feb. 16 at the Olympia in Paris.

Links to many of the covers benefiting the Sweetest Thing Foundation can be found here. Fans can also submit their own version of the song to be sold.