A Saints fan’s postgame celebration after his favorite team’s close victory resulted in an ugly incident after a nearby Eagles fan spit in his face.

The New Orleans Saints traveled to Lincoln Financial Field and defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 26-23 on Saturday, courtesy of a last-second field goal by placekicker Shayne Graham. Saints fan Nick Scelfo recorded a video of the game-winning kick, as well as the despondent reactions of nearby Eagles fans in the face of his celebration.

Most Eagles fans chose to ignore Scelfo’s antics, but one upset man confronted him. “I’m going to spit in your face,” the Eagles fan said, before making good on his threat.

Scelfo, who plays tight end for the Nicholls State University football team, eventually took to Twitter to recount the incident. The redshirt junior claims that he fought the Saints fan that spit on him before Philadelphia police arrived on the scene to break up the altercation. “3 or 4 good shots in until taken away by Philly police. Showed video and got out of it,” Scelfo said.

The college football player further discussed the incident in an interview with NBC Philadelphia. "I hate that one guy has to ruin it for the thousands of great, classy, intelligent and loyal Eagles fans that the city possesses," Scelfo said. "This was my first time in Philly and I can't say whether I'll be back or not. It's a bit ridiculous to have people act like that."

"I did say a few choice words back, as any fan would," Scelfo continued. "I've been around football and football fans for a large majority of my life." 

Still, not all Eagles fan had such a hostile reaction to Scelfo’s loyalty to the Saints. “I’ve received an abundance of apologies from Philly fans. It’s been eye-opening,” he said.

[h/t Deadspin]