Eddie Murphy Not Dead: 10 More Celebrity Death Hoaxes [PHOTOS]

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  • Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy was reported dead in a freak snowboarding accident on Dec. 6, 2011. Here, see ten more celebrities whose fake deaths have exploded on Twitter and other social media networking sites. REUTERS
  • Hilary Duff
    The former Disney star and "Gossip Girl" guest star "died" after falling off the Kauri Cliffs while at a luxury golf resort in New Zealand. REUTERS
  • Britney Spears
    Britney Spears is something of a frequent flier on the celebrity death hoax circuit. In 2011, she was reported dead in a car crash involving Justin Timberlake. In 2009, someone hacked her Twitter account and posted this message: "Britney has passed today. It is a sad day for everyone. More news to come." And in 2010, a chain email went viral claiming Spears had been committed to an asylum before hanging herself with a bedsheet. Reuters
  • Russell Crowe
    When rumors of his demise went viral in 2010, Russell Crowe refuted the rumors on Twitter. "Unable to answer tweets fell off a mountain in Austria, all over red rover," he joked. "Don't know how I got there, but the media are never wrong. G'Bye." Reuters
  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber has died online more times than Spears. He supposedly committed suicide in 2009, was shot in a nightclub in January 2010, and in June 2010 had passed away from a drug overdose. When "RIP Justin Bieber" trended again in 2011, the singer joked that he was reportedly on his way to his own funeral. REUTERS
  • U.S. singer Kanye West
    When Twitter trend "RIP Kanye West" appeared back in 2009, then-girlfriend Amber Rose took to her own account to combat the rumors. "This RIPKanyeWest topic is not funny and it's NOT TRUE!" Rose tweeted. "He has people like myself and his family that love him very much." Reuters
  • Charlie Sheen
    Sheen joins Eddie Murphy and actor Christian Slater (in 2010) as a celebrity whose death hoax involved a fatal snowboarding accident in Switzerland. Reuters
  • Morgan Freeman
    When CNN was accused of spreading false rumors that Morgan Freeman had died, the news source had to issue a formal statement to combat it due to public outcry. The rumor turned out to have originated with Twitter user @originalcjizzle, who has since deleted his account. Reuters
  • Jeff Goldblum
    Goldblum is another victim of the Kauri Cliffs, and of Global Associated News. Other celebrities reported dead after a tumble onto the New Zealand rocks include George Clooney, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Natalie Portman, Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford. Reuters
  • Miley Cyrus
    The former star of "Hannah Montana" is yet another celebrity to suffer multiple death hoaxes. She was rumored to have died once in 2007 and was supposedly hit by a drunk driver in 2008. When socialite Peaches Geldof tweeted that a "friend in the industry" told her Miley Cyrus was dead, the rumor was only put to rest when Cyrus performed in London, proving she was very much alive. Reuters
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Don't worry, Hollywood fans: actor Eddie Murphy, despite reports of his death at Global Associated News, is not dead from a tragic snowboarding accident. In fact, none of the celebrities Global Associated News, the fake news site that been generating death hoaxes for over a year now, have ever been anything but alive and well at the time of the reports. 

Global Associated News may sound like a legitimate news source, but the site is nothing more than a front for the notorious Fake a Wish, a play on the Make a Wish Foundation that allows users to insert an actor's name into a generator that spits out a fake article on their untimely death.

Actor Eddie Murphy is only the latest star to fall victim to the celebrity death hoax rumor mill, joining such celebrities as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Russell Crowe.

Actor Eddie Murphy is reported to have died shortly after a snowboarding accident earlier today, December 6, 2011, the Global Associated News web site wrote. Though many already know the site is fake, that didn't stop many others from posting the news on Twitter, Facebook and other prominent social networks.

Is Eddie Murphy dead? many tweeted, and an RIP Eddie Murphy Twitter trend had already emerged by nightfall.

The report claims that Murphy lost control of his snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed. Funnily enough, hitting a tree at a ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland is a word-for-word rehash of Charlie Sheen's reported demise, though that didn't stop some news sources from contacting Murphy's rep, just in case.

Trust me, Eddie is very much alive and well, Murphy's representative told Music Rooms. And definitely not in Switzerland snowboarding.

Past celebrity death hoaxes from Global Associated News span actors, musicians and stand-up comics, including the rumor that Britney Spears died in a car crash and that Hillary Duff had fallen off the Kauri Cliffs.

Below is a rundown of ten more celebrity death hoaxes generated by Global Associated News and other fake news stories.

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