Egypt's interim government has sacked hundreds of police officers in response to demands by protesters of cleaning up corruption on the force, according to state-controlled TV.

Interior Minister Mansour el-Issawi said a total of 669 policemen were fired

Among the police officials fired were 505 major-generals, including 10 of the interior minister's top assistants, 82 colonels, and 82 brigadiers.

This is the biggest administrative move ... to bring new blood, to police force, el-Issawi said. He added that any police officer will be held accountable for any violation.

Anti-government activists, many of whom camped out at Cairo’s Tahrir Square to agitate against the former regime of Hosni Mubarak, have complained that there are remnants of the prior government still among police ranks and they have accused some officers of using excessive force.

Almost 900 Egyptian protesters were killed by police. during the uprising the eventually toppled Mubarak.

Of the 669 who were just terminated, 37 will face charges of having shot and killed demonstrators.

Moreover, the Egypt military will postpone holdings parliamentary elections until October of November (from September) – another key demand of protesters.