Egypt's ruling military council is paving the way for a new constitution after the original drafting committee was disbanded in April over complaints that the Muslim Brotherhood unfairly dominated the group.

On Thursday, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces gave Egypt's political parties a 48-hour time frame to agree on the makeup of a new constitutional assembly. To assure that the 100-member committee won't be dominated by one party, the SCAF and the major political parties have agreed that 39 members be parliamentarians and the remaining 61 will be public figures including union members, lawyers, judges and religious leaders, according to Ahram Online.

Heading into recent elections, which will be concluded next weekend, there was concern among Egyptians that a constitution would not be ready by the time the country's new president takes office, which could help the SCAF remain in power past its self-imposed July 1 deadline to hand over the government to civilian rule.