Eli Manning opened up about the New York Giants' win in the 2012 Super Bowl on the Late Show with David Letterman. The quarterback has led the Giants to two Super Bowl Championships in four years, both victories against the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots.

Letterman was eager to discuss the details of the game with his favorite quarterback. Manning walked onto the stage and into a standing ovation as We Are the Champions played in the background late Monday.

When you win a championship, it's a team, Manning told the late night host. It's a team coming together and that's exactly what we did. And so, I was happy. For a lot of the guys, this is their first Super Bowl, so I think when you have one, and then a second one, you do it for the guys that have never had that experience. The first one--it's just wild.

The two-time Super Bowl MVP talked openly with Letterman about the 2012 Super Bowl victory, about the teams' celebrations after their win, about his brother Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and even about his daughter, 11-month-old Eva.

She was a trooper, Manning told Letterman. She stayed up the whole game, past her bedtime, and learned how to clap this weekend and give a high five.

At one point, Letterman asked about Manningham's incredible game-altering catch.

You're always trying to throw that perfect ball, sometimes it doesn't have to be that close, he explained. He was not the primary receiver. That's probably not the place I was supposed to throw and it was probably not the place I was supposed to throw that ball, but sometimes you just have to improve... You know about that.

Yeah, but I don't win trophies, Letterman joked.

Manning and Letterman also discussed the Giants' strange final touchdown, where Manning admits he told Giants' running back, Ahmad Bradshaw, not to score.

 It looked like an old party gag, like someone had pulled the chair out from under him, Letterman said of the final touchdown of the game. Eh, why don't you have a seat? Kaboom.

When asked if he and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talk, Manning laughed.

Not a whole lot, Manning said. I don't know if he likes me.

Overall, Manning seemed to have a great Super Bowl game, which comes as no surprise.

It was a lot of fun, a lot of fun, he told Letterman.

Watch Giants Quarterback Eli Manning’s Interview on the Late Show with David Letterman:


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