News, details on corporate bond issues in the European markets on Monday:


Mandate: Plans a 750 million euro 10-year bond, as reported by IFR Markets, a Thomson Reuters online news and market analysis service. Expected to price on Monday.

Sread guidance: Mid-swaps plus 145 basis points area, refined from plus 145-150 bps.

Managing banks: Barclays Capital, BESI, Caixa IB, Santander, UBS

Ratings: Moody's Baa2, S&P BBB, Fitch BBB


Issue: 1 billion euro senior benchmark floating-rate notes maturing in February 2012, as reported by IFR.

Guidance: three-month Euribor plus 95 basis points, refined from plus 95-100 bps, with pricing expected later on Monday.

Managing banks: HSBC, SG CIB and Dexia Capital Markets

Rating: Moody's A1, S&P A, Fitch A+


Issue: plans 1 billion euro 12-year covered bond, backed by Italian prime residential mortgages, with books near 2 billion euros, as reported by IFR.

Spread guidance: Mid-swaps plus plus 60 basis points, refined from an initial plus 60-62 basis points,

Managing banks: Barclays, Calyon, HSBC, Natixis and UniCredit

Rating: Moody's Aa3, S&P A, Fitch A


Issue: plans 1.125 billion euro five-year bond, guaranteed by the Kingdom of Spain, as reported by IFR.

Spread Guidance: Mid-swaps plus 32 basis points, refined from plus 32-34 bps.

Managing banks: Barclays, BBVA, Caja Madrid, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Nomura


Issue: plans 1.75 billion euro 10-year bond, as reported by IFR.

Guidance: mid-swaps plus 110 basis points, refined from plus 110-115 bps

Managing banks: BNP Paribas, Calyon, Credit Suisse and Royal Bank of Scotland

Ratings: Moody's Baa1, S&P A-, Fitch A-


Issue: Expected pricing date has been delayed to Tuesday from Thursday initially for first public RMBS from Silverstone Master Trust, said sources close to the deal.

Total size expected at 3.5 billion pounds ($5.83 billion), including two five-year floating-rate notes at 1.25 billion sterling and 1.5 billion sterling and a fixed-rate seven tranche of 300 million pounds, other sources with knowledge of the deal said.

Spread guidance: three-month Libor for 1.5 bln FRN and mid-swaps plus 150 basis points area for seven-year.

Managing banks: JP Morgan, Barclays Capital and Citi