Are you ready for Eurovision?

The first round of semifinals in the 2016 song contest — famous for its crazy performances and outrageous fashions — is scheduled to take place Tuesday at 21:00 CET, or 4 p.m. EDT. Held in Stockholm, the first Eurovision Song Contest semifinal show will include teams from 18 countries and promises to be insane. Close to 200 million people tuned in to watch last year, according to the Eurovision website.

Join them by checking out a live stream on the Eurovision site here. Watch the opening ceremony below:

During the semifinals, 21 juries of five people each will vote on the musical performances. Their votes make up 50 percent of the total points measuring each team. The other 50 percent comes from viewers in the countries performing in the semifinal show. They have 15 minutes after the final song to send in their votes via phone, text or app, and they can’t vote for their own country.

This year, Eurovision has a complicated new voting system that gives more power to viewers at home. Ten teams from Tuesday’s semifinal and 10 teams from Wednesday’s semifinal will make it to the final showdown set for Saturday.

The lineup for Tuesday’s show is as follows:

Finland — "Sing It Away" performed by Sandhja

Greece — "Utopian Land" performed by Argo

Moldova — "Falling Stars" performed by Lidia Isac

Hungary — "Pioneer" performed by Freddie

Croatia — "Lighthouse" performed by Nina Kraljić

Netherlands — "Slow Down" performed by Douwe Bob

Armenia — "LoveWave" performed by Iveta Mukuchyan

San Marino — "I Didn't Know" performed by Serhat

Russia — "You Are the Only One" performed by Sergey Lazarev

Czech Republic — "I Stand" performed by Gabriela Gunčíková

Cyprus — "Alter Ego" performed by Minus One

Austria — "Loin d'ici" performed by ZOË

Estonia — "Play" performed by Jüri Pootsmann

Azerbaijan — "Miracle" performed by Samra

Montenegro — "The Real Thing" performed by Highway

Iceland — "Hear Them Calling" performed by Greta Salóme

Bosnia and Herzegovina — "Ljubav Je" performed by Dalal, Deen, Ana & Jala

Malta — "Walk on Water" performed by Ira Losco