Occupy Wall Street protesters stormed Manhattan's Duarte Square Tuesday morning, hours after being kicked out of Zuccotti Park by the NYPD.

Hundreds of protesters descended on the square, where they quickly assembled, erected several wooden makeshift tent-like structures, and began planning their next moves.

At a little after 10 a.m. a series of religious leaders representing a range of faiths spoke and offered prayers at the site. Shortly thereafter, Brooklyn resident Henry Harris, who says he is not a member of Occupy Wall Street, scaled a wall seperating the public park from a private section guarded by a sign reading private property - no trespassing and exhorted the gathered protesters to scale the wall and enter the new occupation.

Dozens of protesters did just that, while many more walked to the Canal Street side of the park, where a man cut a large hole in a chain-link fence protecting the area, through which many more attendees streamed.

"They brought down the Berlin Wall, we can bring down this wall," a man yelled as he scaled the barrier.

Tom Blewitt, a Manhattan resident who has been camped out at Zuccotti since Oct. 2, was dismayed at the lack of planning behind the move to storm the private portion of the park, and he verbally confronted Harris in front of the hole in the fence.

"This is not a planned action. You acted on your own ... Who are you? Who are you speaking for?" Blewitt screamed at Harris from a couple feet away. "Mic check, he's not Occupy Wall Street!"

The argument got heated when Harris put his hand on Blewitt's shoulder to try to calm him down and Blewitt responded by turning around and screaming, "how dare you put your hands on me!"

After the altercation blew over, Harris spoke to the International Business Times in an exclusive interview at the heart of what he calls the new occupation.

"There's a bunch of people who planned this action who were arrested last night. I wasn't part of the planning," he said, referring to the storming of the private park area. "I let people know there was a planned occupation of this space and people were in jail who planned in it and that the people were welcome to come in."

A large group of protesters plans to march from the location to a rally in front of New York State Supreme Court in Lower Manhattan, where a judge is expected to rule on whether or not to extend a temporary restraining order blocking the city from keeping people out of Zuccotti.

The order was negotiated by members of the National Lawyers Guild and attorney Normal Siegel, the former director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, protesters and a spokesman for City Councilman Juumane Williams said Tuesday morning.