The Young Turks Network has been one of the top content creators on YouTube over the past decade, but on Monday, the media company premiered a daily show designed specifically for Facebook, giving the social network a big boost in its quest to become a top player in the online video market. 

The new show is called "Final Judgment" and will be posted Monday through Friday on The Young Turk's Facebook page as well as on YouTube, allowing the online video network to compare the show's performance on both platforms. Facebook has never been known as a destination for video content, but the social network has been changing that perception over the past year and a half -- it now collects more than 3 billion video views per day

The Young Turks Network, which receives more than 50 million unique viewers every month, said it has designed "Final Judgment" specifically with Facebook's audience in mind. Every episode will focus on top news of the day and will be kept short (they last two minutes tops) to increase the chance that users might share it on their own timelines. 

"YouTube is fantastic for search, but Facebook is fantastic for sharing," said Steven Oh, chief operating officer for The Young Turks Network. "It's early on [for Facebook video], and we want to get in there and be very aggressive."

For now, "Final Judgment" will not display any advertisements or generate revenue. Instead, the network is interested in first growing its audience and analyzing how the show fares on Facebook. To do this, Facebook will provide The Young Turks Network with analytics showing how many users watch the show for a few seconds thanks to the social network's autoplay feature. Facebook will also show the network how many users stick around for 30 seconds as well as how many likes, comments and shares each video gets. 

This isn't the first time Facebook has landed a major content partnership. Last year, the company scored big by securing a deal with the NFL to place game highlights on the social network.