It appears to be only a matter of time before Facebook hits the 1 billion-user milestone. But it is not all that surprising as global villagers are already getting used to living in the Facebook world.

However, the 1 billion-users milestone is worthy of note for Facebook. It will mean one of every seven human beings worldwide (population of 7 billion as of now) is using Facebook. A UK-based digital-marketing company, iCrossing, has provided the analysis of Facebook growth. According to the company, Facebook is set to hit the 1 billion-user mark in August.

Using a process of linear regression on the data from the end of 2008 onwards, we expect Facebook to hit a billion active users around August 2012. Looking at the data from 2006-mid 2008 it looks like Facebook was growing at an exponential rate, however more recent data suggests it's growing in a linear fashion, iCrossing analyst Gregory Lyons wrote in a blog post.

Lyons also mentioned that Facebook growth in the United States and the UK -- where there were plenty of early adopters -- has either slowed down or stagnated. However, India and Brazil, two big emerging markets, will play pivotal roles in helping Facebook hit the 1 billion-user mark.

Both are large countries with millions of potential users who have yet to sign up to Facebook, Lyons wrote in the blog post. With only 3% of India's population on Facebook and 16% of Brazil's (compared to 49% of America's population or 47% of the UK's population) countries such as these will clearly contribute heavily to Facebook's continued growth.

Meanwhile, we wonder what impact Facebook's 1 billion users would have on the world.