The second round of the mass nude photo leak known as “The Fappening” has Hollywood’s stars worried about a potential all-male installment. Following two entirely female-focused leaks, TMZ is reporting that male celebrities are now “scared” about a Fappening Part 3. The celebrity gossip site claims to have spoken with multiple, unidentified male celebrities, mostly actors, who all admit to be fearful of a potential nude photo leak. “Some are going to great lengths to keep their junk private,” reported the site Monday. “They all think it’s just a matter of time.”

The unidentified men, one whom TMZ claims was hacked last year, have admitted to contacting friends, former partners and co-workers warning of a potential hacking via phishing, a tactic that uses doctored emails to obtain Web users' account information. “The guys think most of the hacking involves people connected to the celebs but not the celebs themselves,” said the site. The stars’ proactive attempts follow reports that authorities believe the women affected by the first initial Fappening may have been targeted using the same technique.

Despite Apple’s denial that its iCloud and Find My iPhone programs played a role in the original hacking, and its recently announced security updates for the iCloud, some celebrities have already discontinued their use of the program in an effort to prevent a potential hack, says TMZ. Following rumors that Apple had been hacked after the first nude photo leak, Apple released a statement that their services had not been breached.

On Aug. 31, hackers released on 4Chan hundreds of nude photos of dozens of female celebrities, including actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco and model Kate Upton. The photos have since been removed from the site. In the midst of the FBI’s investigation of the first scandal, 60 new, illegally obtained nude photos of Lawrence, and several other nude images of reality-TV star Kim Kardashian, singer Rihanna and actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Gabrielle Union, Amber Heard and Abigail Spencer debuted on 4Chan and Reddit Sunday.