Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462
"Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462" debuted its penultimate episode six days early on the official AMC mobile app. Find out what happened in episode 15. AMC

It’s all falling apart for the passengers of AMC's “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” web series. After episode 14 revealed irreparable damage to one of the plane’s windows, the penultimate episode of the spinoff zombie drama saw the passengers prepare for the plane to be on the ground, one way or another.

For those that are unfamiliar, “Flight 462” is a standalone storyline set in the world of the AMC spinoff “Fear the Walking Dead.” It’s played in small snippets during commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead” Season 6 before the network posts each episode on the AMC website. While most people have to watch the episodes that way, those that use the official AMC mobile app know that the newest episodes are posted six days early for more diehard fans. The second to last episode of the storyline was no different and, as of Monday, AMC mobile app users can navigate to the “Fear the Walking Dead” page to see episode 15.

In the latest installment of the 16-part storyline, the zombie outbreak aboard the plane takes a backseat to a much more relatable danger. While in a tussle with a walker, an air marshal discharges his firearm several times on board. One of those rounds hits a window, which causes it to shatter. Learning both that it’s not a good idea to shoot a gun in a pressurized cabin and that the plane is going down, the passengers scramble to find their seats and strap in for the worst. The episode mostly focuses on the mysterious young woman who seems to know everything about the zombie apocalypse and her new companion, a young man who was revealed in the first episode to be afraid to fly without his mother.

The woman helps him get in his seat and neglects her own oxygen mask in favor of making sure he gets his on. It’s possible she feels a little indebted to him after he risked his life to help her pike an attacking walker in episode 14. After making sure he’s strapped in and prepared for whatever kind of landing comes next, she confesses something important to him.

The boy’s mother couldn’t join him on the flight because all of the seats were taken in the initial rush for people to escape L.A. before the outbreak got too severe. It turns out that the reason his mom couldn’t get on the flight is because the mysterious young woman took the last seat. She apologizes and tells him that his mom should be up here with him. The boy mentions that she’s probably with his father right now.

“And you’ll be there soon,” she says, as the plans continues to hurl itself toward the earth.

Is it possible the final line of the episode is our reveal as to which cast member of “Flight 462” will be joining the “Fear the Walking Dead” group in Season 2? It was previously revealed that one surviving member of the flight will make his or her way to the cast of the hit AMC companion series sometime after its return on April 10.

Unfortunately, curious fans will just have to wait until the final episode of “Flight 462” to give them all the answers they seek. Until then, people can watch episode 15 now by simply downloading the official AMC mobile app for any iOS, Android or Windows-powered device.