Federal workers's salary information was exposed on Tuesday May 15, when a website containing the information went live on Tuesday morning.

Paycheck information, which includes the state, agency, job title and salary, can all be accessed by logging on to DataUniverse.com.

The data listed was for the year of 2011 and was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act placed with the Office of Personnel Management by WUSA9/Gannett sister publication, The Asbury Park Press, according to WUSA9 in Washington, DC.

The site allows users to enter a federal worker's name or agency in to the system and see salary information, as well as bonus information for 2011.

While DataUniverse.com estimates that the databank covers about 70 percent of federal workers, the bank excludes the Department of Defense, White House, Congress, CIA, FBI, and some other private agencies.

WUSA9, the Asbury Park Press subsidiary that broke the story, identified a Department of Agriculture employee who earned over $179,000 as a base salary and a $62,895 bonus.

In addition, it has also identified more than a hundred federal workers with bonuses in excess of $40,000.

The Asbury Park Press is most well-known for Profiting from Public Service, a series that sparked a national government ethics reform.

Since the series, more than 35 ethics laws or bills were signed or passed, and more than 100 public officials have been arrested or indicted for corruption, according to Asbury Park Press.

Check below to see a sample chart of Federal workers's salary information for 2011.

Federal Employees, 2011


Federal Employees, 2011 (Asbury Park Press)