Los Angeles firefighter Raphael Davis was arrested for participating in MMA bouts while on workers compensation for an injury. If convicted he may serve up to five years in prison.

Davis, 35, was arrested at his Lomita home in LA for four felony counts of fraud.

Davis filed for workers compensation from Dec. 2, 2008 to May 10, 2011, according to investigators. He continued to participate in MMA bouts as a mixed martial arts fighter under the name of The Noddle, reported LA Weekly.

According to the MMA site sherdog.com, Davis is 6 feet 3 inches and weighs in at 203 pounds. Fighting in the light heavyweight class, he has won 12 fights and lost 2.

He won six fights and lost one while he was on workers compensation.

He trained at the Reign Training Center in Orange County, LA. He started fighting in 2006, according to KTLA.

Videos of the fights were uploaded on YouTube. Davis even took to Twitter to boast about his training regime.

Just finished running 2.5 miles in 16:44 min. Not to (sic) bad for an old guy! he wrote on March 7.

D.A. spokeswoman Jane Robinson said the office is not willing to release more details about the case.

Davis is being held on $30, 000 bail.