The synopsis for Season 3, episode 7 of “The Flash” revealed that Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) is going to kidnap Julian (Tom Felton). But what does she want from him? Does Caitlin suspect him to be Doctor Alchemy?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Panabaker dismissed speculations that her character is going to take Julian as hostage because she thinks he’s Doctor Alchemy.

“Caitlin needs help,” Panabaker teased of Caitlin’s reason for kidnapping Barry’s (Grant Gustin) fellow CSI. “She’s grasping at straws and trying to do anything she can to get her power back and to get some information. She thinks that Julian can help her out.”

Based on Panabaker’s answer, it seems that Caitlin will lose her metahuman powers at one point in the episode, and she is going to abduct Julian to help her get them back.

As for why Caitlin still wants to regain her powers despite being scared of them at first, Panabaker suggested that her character is going to be addicted to her powers over the course of the episode. So when her powers seem to have run out, the first thing she does is to find ways on how she can take them back.

“The powers insider of her, to me, I imagine it’s a bit like an addiction,” Panabaker said of her Caitlin’s metahuman powers. “It’s something that’s bad for her, and she knows it’s bad, but it feels so good that she has a lot of trouble turning away from it. … Inherently there is a good person inside of there, but she’s being tested, and it’s an incredible challenge.” 

And because of Caitlin’s addiction to her powers, people around her “will be pretty worried,” Panabaker’s co-star Keiynan Lonsdale told Entertainment Weekly in a separate interview.

Lonsdale, who portrays Wally/Kid Flash on the series, explained that Team Flash’s concerns about the possibility of Caitlin becoming a full-on villain are mainly coming from the fact that her Earth-2 doppelgänger, Killer Frost, isn’t someone who can really be trusted.

“Killer Frost from Earth-2 wasn’t a friendly foe,” Lonsdale said. “[And] Caitlin being scared of her powers, that can also be an issue. Because when you push something away, the higher the chance of it being able to take over. That increases the fear. I think the team recognizes that and it’s another challenge they have to face.”

“The Flash” Season 3, episode 7, aptly titled as “Killer Frost,” airs on Nov. 22, at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.