If you are one of those using their smartphone apps to record interactions with police to keep tabs on them, wake up. The cops know all about those.

A pair of documents among a cache of files that the hacking group LulzSec stole from the computers of the Arizona Department of Public Safety on Thursday, revealed how smartphones are used for activities like recording interactions with police and escaping speed traps.

One of the documents, titled Law Enforcement Sensitive, contains a list of four smartphone apps that are being used to deceive police. Take the time to look at an arrestee's cell phone to see what applications they have, the document warns police officers.

Here are the apps.

Cop Recorder:

The app was developed under the OpenWatch project. Using this app, users can discretely record their conversation with the police or other authority figures while dealing with them. After that, it lets the users anonymously upload the audio to the OpenWatch.net server to expose police corruption.

Once the user hits the Record Audio option, the recorder becomes invisible, while recording the audio at the background. The user can open the app again to stop recording once he/she is safely away. The latest version of the app for Android smartphones, called OpenWatch, can even capture video along with the audio.


Trapster is a free app that alerts the user as they come near to any roadway hazards like speed traps, red light and speed cameras, accidents and the like. The users get alerts on their Android phone by spoken warnings like Live Police or Red Light Camera as they approach them.

The app allows users to submit speed traps, enforcement cameras, and road hazards that then alerts all Trapster users in the area.

Police Alert:

This is an app for Android devices that provides users with police locations. It shows where the hiding police are on Google Map. It also shows speed cam, red light locations etc. However, there are user reviews telling that the updates it provides are not accurate most of the time.

Caller ID Faker:

This is a free app for Android or for jailbroken iPhones that allows users to fake their caller ID, record their calls, prank video calls and even change their voice. The user can make as many calls as they like but each call is limited to 2 minutes.