Moammar Gaddafi is in a hotel in Tripoli filled with foreign reporters and will speak to them sometime tonight, according to CNN.

Earlier in the day, Gaddafi warned Greece's prime minister that any Western intervention in Libya will produce dire consequences for the security in North Africa, the Mediterranean rim and Europe, according to Libya's official news agency.

Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, said that the United Nations, rather than the United States, should be the one to make any decisions on imposing a no-fly zone over Libya.

I think it's very important that it's not a US-led effort because this comes from the people of Libya themselves, she told Sky News. We think it is important that the United Nations make that decision.

Earlier, the White House said that President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to plan a full spectrum of action with respect to Libya, including a possible no-fly zone, surveillance and a relief effort.

The president and the prime minister agreed to press forward with planning, including at NATO, on the full spectrum of possible responses, a White House statement said.

Cameron and Obama spoke by telephone while Gaddafi’s airforce attracted rebel bases.

Also, Clinton predicted that Libya faces ”a long road ahead before its deep crisis can find any kind of resolution.

We'd like to see this resolved peacefully, we'd like to see him go peacefully and we'd like to see a new government come peacefully, she told Sky News. If that's not possible we are going to work with the international community, but there are countries that do not agree with that.