Moammar Gaddafi’s daughter, Aisha, has denied reports that she sought to escape the riot-torn country by fleeting to exile in Malta.

Appearing on state television, Aisha said that media accounts of her boarding a Libyan plane to Malta were untrue. Those reports also claimed that the aircraft was denied permission to land on Maltese soil.
The accounts raised speculation that Aisha and other members of her family were seeking out of Libya – much like the family of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali departed Tunisia after the revolt in that country. Ben Ali was initially refused permission to go to France; he ended up in Saudi Arabia.

I was surprised when my friends told me about this report,” she said I would like to say to the Libyan men and women who I love and love me, that know me well, that I am steadfastly here. In fact this demonstrates to the Libyan people the extent of lies and forgery these channels are resorting to in their reporting.

The Libyans who know me are well aware that I will stay here as a goodwill ambassador for Libya's people, she said,

Aisha, a 33-year-old attorney, also claimed she was unaware of the United Nations dropped as a goodwill ambassador.

Sources in Malta’s government sources said that they had no information that Aisha Gaddafi daughter was on any plane or that the Libyan ambassador was involved in any negotiations for her to land.

Separately, the Voice of Lebanon radio station reported that the day before a private Libyan jet carrying the Lebanese wife of Gaddafi's sons, Hannibal, and several members of the family, was barred from landing at Rafik Hariri international airport in Beirut.

Lebanese airport officials asked the Libyan plane for a list of all passengers aboard – when the jet refused, the Lebanese refused to allow it to land.

The Lebanese radio station stated that several other officials of the Libyan regime might have been among the plane's passengers.