While Samsung fans may still be rejoicing over the company’s Galaxy Note 2 launch, the brand new handset’s successor could very well be in the works. The handset’s already colossal screen is expected to gain about an inch in length, rumors say.

On Thursday the Korea Times reported that a Galaxy Note 3 with a tremendous 6.3-inch display is preparing to launch in 2013. The tablet-smartphone hybrid grew from a 5.3-inch display to a 5.5-inch screen in its second generation, and now Samsung is rumored to step it up another notch.

If these rumors eventually turn out to be true, this bumped-up display could push the Note 3 away from the smartphone category and closer to the tablet genre. Samsung has become the poster child for massive displays when it comes to mobile technology. Some critics and users mocked the original Galaxy Note for its lengthy display, but the popularity of the device prompted Samsung to continue its “phablet” brand.

The Korea-based manufacturer is quick to tout sales numbers generated by its new “phablet” category, as the company just boasted last month that it sold 5 million Galaxy Note 2 units in just two months. This is about double the sales rate of the original Galaxy Note.

Samsung also appears to be porting the design elements of its widely successful Galaxy S3 to the phablet, as the second-generation Galaxy Note features the same nature-inspired body curved edges as its flagship handset. Similarly, Samsung decided to launch its new Note on nearly all major carriers in the United States just as it did with its Galaxy S3. It’s predecessor, however, was launched as an AT&T exclusive.

It’s too early to fathom what kind of tech specs and features users can expect from another Galaxy Note successor, but these rumors of a third generation device come just as Samsung is cutting its budget for LCD display production.

“With money saved from LCD restructuring, the firm plans to spend more on OLED and flexible displays,” a local parts supplier told the Korea Times.

When it comes to mobile devices and electronics, there is an oversaturation of handsets and tablets implementing LCD displays. Samsung, conversely, seeks to stand out by utilizing OLED displays in its products.

This OLED surge will include upcoming 55-inch TVs using these types of panels that would promise lower power consumption than LCD or plasma alternatives. This OLED display would also boast better colors, contrast and viewing angles.

Speculation about the production of a Galaxy Note 3 has surfaced just as Galaxy S4 rumors have started gaining momentum across the Web. The latest bit of new to run rampant among tech-savvy Internet dwellers is that Samsung will unveil its Galaxy S3 successor in April 2013. However, until the company makes an official announcement, it’s hard to tell what Samsung has planned for this forthcoming year.