Last year, game developer Arrowhead Game Studios released a remake of the classic game “Gauntlet,” with modernized graphics and enhanced controls, while also keeping the gameplay faithful to the spirit of the original. Now a “Gauntlet” remake is coming to Sony’s PlayStation 4. It has been titled “Gauntlet: Slayer Edition,” with Arrowhead promising that this version will be a better game than the original, which was released for the PC.

Arrowhead made the announcement on its official website, where it was announced that the game would arrive in August for the current-generation Sony console. So far, it seems that “Gauntlet” will be available only as a digital download through the PlayStation Network (PSN) for $19.99, with a bonus of two new weapons for those who pre-order.

While there have been changes to make “Gauntlet: Slayer Edition” feel more modernized, GameSpot states that, at its core, it is essentially the same game as the 1985 original. Fans of the action role-playing game (action RPG) genre will be happy with the gameplay found in the “Gauntlet” remake, with developer Arrowhead describing it as a “dungeon brawler,” rather than a regular action RPG.

There have been plans to improve the “Gauntlet” remake for quite some time now, with the developer planning to release a free update for the PC version. Those plans have not been canceled, as the update will arrive near the release of the “Gauntlet” PS4 version. That version will be an update, while PC users are currently still waiting for an updated PC version.

Other improvements include enhanced character models and settings, along with more abilities and equipment for the character classes. Arrowhead has also promised that equipment will play a bigger role in “Gauntlet: Slayer Edition,” making the characters seem more unique. A 4-Player co-op feature will continue to be one of the game’s biggest attractions.

“Gauntlet: Slayer Edition” will be available in August for the PlayStation 4 as a PSN-exclusive title. There don’t appear to be any retail release plans.

GAUNTLET: Slayer Edition - coming to PS4 this summer! (Credit: YouTube/Arrowhead Game Studios)