George Clooney recently told BBC host Graham Norton that he might end up in jail for playing pranks on his pal Brad Pitt. Clooney is known for being mischievous with his close friends and his recent prank with Pitt might have gone beyond acceptable limits, the actor said.

“I’m doing one now that I can’t tell you about but in a year you are going to hear I’ve been arrested -- I’m not kidding -- because I think I’ve crossed the line,” Clooney said. The Academy Award winner said he and Pitt have done “some terrible things to each other" over the years, E! Online reported.

Clooney recalled writing letters to Meryl Streep in Pitt’s name. He got Pitt’s name printed on some stationery and sent out a letter to Streep along with a set of CDs for dialect training. The letter reportedly said that Streep might find the CDs helpful as she prepared to play Margaret Thatcher in “Iron Lady.”

The 54-year-old added that his newest prank on Pitt is “exciting.” The two have been friends since they worked together on “Ocean’s Eleven.”

Pitt has also gushed about Clooney in an interview with GQ magazine. “Well, you know, George is extremely accessible. He's one of our best representatives. He's funny as s---. He's a joy to be around,” Pitt said.

Meanwhile, Clooney promoted his new film “Tomorrowland.” In the film he will be seen playing the role of a former boy genius Frank who goes on a search of an unknown place called Tomorrowland, which exits in his and the female protagonist Casey’s memory. The film also stars Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Thomas Robinson, Kathryn Hahn, Tim McGraw, Keegan-Michael Key and Judy Greer.

Clooney will next be seen in “Money Monster,” opposite Julia Roberts. The film has recently been in production in New York City.