A basketball game between Georgetown's men's basketball team and a Chinese professional team ended at an abrupt halt after a massive brawl broke out on mid-court.

As a part of its goodwill tour through China, Georgetown faced the Bayi Rockets on Wednesday night, though the game had anything but goodwill.

The brawl came after a hard foul by a Rockets player onto a Georgetown player, leading to fisticuffs, chairs and water bottles thrown at Georgetown players, and more before Georgetown coach John Thompson III pulled his team off the court.

Tonight two great teams played a very competitive game that unfortunately ended after heated exchanges with both teams, Thompson said in a statement. We sincerely regret that this situation occurred.

The game was marred by fouls all game, though decidedly in the Chinese team's favor. At half-time, Georgetown already accumulated 28 fouls, while Bayi only had 11 team fouls.

While the fight was on-going, Georgetown fans and personnel prodded Chinese police officials to try to break it up, but for the most part the police stayed on the sidelines.

To watch the melee with your own eyes check out the video below, courtesy of SportsGrid.