The Giants celebrated their Super Bowl victory on Tuesday with a parade through the Canyon of Heroes that concluded at City Hall.

After the parade, the Giants went over to New Jersey for a Super Bowl rally at MetLife Stadium.

The celebration in New Jersey was much like the one across the river, with Giant ownership and a few players speaking to crowd.

Unlike the parade in Manhattan, the Giants decided to take a few shots at their biggest rivals.

Co-owner Steve Tisch took the microphone at the Stadium, and decided to poke the Dallas Cowboys. There's a group of boys down in Texas who call themselves America's Team, exclaimed Tisch, 'but these guys behind me are America's Dream.

Then it was Justin Tuck's turn.

The defensive end opened up by talking about the Giants journey to the Super Bowl. But before he was done, he said one last thing to the crowd.

Last time we did this, we were in Giants Stadium. Now it's MetLife Stadium. But you can be sure of who's house this is.

Tuck was clearly talking about the Jets and Rex Ryan, who claimed to be the Giants big brother before the season.

Multiple members of the Giants expressed their displeasure of Ryan's comments after the Giants beat the Jets in Week 16. Running back Brandon Jacobs got into a heated discussion with Ryan at the end of the game.

The Giants went 3-0 against the Jets and Cowboys en route to their Super Bowl victory.