If you were wondering how UK boyband One Direction could possibly top their Saturday Night Live performance  then wait no longer, the group's hit single, What Makes You Beautiful will be covered in upcoming Glee episode Prom-asaurus. The episode airs on May 8, but the video leaked early. Watch it here!

To have a song in Glee is just fantastic, said band member Niall Horan according to Perez Hilton. We're all big fans of the show and are so excited they chose 'What Makes You Beautiful' for an episode.

According to Glee's cast, as reported by HuffPo, the season three finale will be particularly emotional. Senior year is ending and many core members of New Direction will be graduating and moving on the the next phase in their own lives.

There's a lot of tears on set, randomly, Harry Shum Jr. told ET Online on the red carpet for a Glee panel in North Hollywood.

In this weeks, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) get their shots to audition for NYADA's grand dame, played by Whoopi Goldberg. Kurt shined burnt Rachel choked. Howveer, in the season finale Rachel won't be giving up.

Every night on the 'Glee' tour when I'd sing 'Don't Rain on My Parade,' I used to call [exec producer] Dante Di Loreto and say, 'I'm going to mess up one night, I know it and I'm so scared to have that happen,' she said at a recent Television Panel. To have that happen to her in such an important moment was so sad, which is why that scene came so easy to me -- because it was actual nerves and something that I truly felt fearful about for her and for myself as a performer.

While the specifics of the final episode's plot are still closely guarded, the stars have promised closure to the show's fans.

Each one of them has a little special part of the episode devoted to them, Jane Lynch told ET Online, which you can watch below. It's really fun and it's a beautiful script.

By the end of the season, viewers will know more about where each character is headed post-graduation, though there will be plenty left unexplained as well to be continued in Season four.

There's a lot of cliffhangers, said Cory Monteith, but it explains a lot too.

Michele confirmed his statement:

It definitely does wrap everything up really nicely and let you know where everybody is going to be heading off to, but it does leave a lot open because a lot of people will be back next year, she said. It leaves their storylines open to go to lots of different places for next season.

One thing is for sure, Glee season four will be a whole new show.

It's probably going to be some sort of a different show, said Jenna Ushkowtiz.

Catch Glee's season three finale on Tuesday, May 8 at 8 pm ET on Fox.