Right-wing pundit Glenn Beck has come to the defense of ESPN anchor Max Bretos for using the phrase chink in the armor when describing New York Knicks newfound star Jeremy LIn.

Though the term chink is a derogatory remark for Asians, Beck feels that ESPN had gone too far in suspending Bretos.

How is this racist? Beck asked on his radio show on Friday, after playing a clip of Bretos's comment.

Beck then said that ESPN wears panties. He also criticized Disney, which owns ESPN, for their decision to punish the use of the word.

It's not about the sports network, Beck said. It's about the ownership. This is about Disney/ABC.

While Beck is a high-profile broadcaster, Bretos has played a minor role at ESPN, serving primarily as an ESPN News anchor.

Bretos isn't exactly a highly groomed reporter, either. He received a major break when he became a play-by-play soccer broadcaster for FOX Sports World, though he had little to no experience in broadcasting, and eventually moved on to work for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Bretos also has been known to make major gaffes. During a match between Arsenal and Galatasary in the 2000 UEFA Cup Final, he confused the word circumstance with circumcision.

Some media experts questioned the initial hiring of Bretos at ESPN, as the broadcaster has a limited background in sports beyond soccer.