On Friday, Google Doc and Drive users were having some serious issues using the web-based application. Nearly 800 reports were filed on Down Detector that Google Drive was experiencing issues. An outage map on the site showed that the worst outages were hitting the East and West coasts of the United States with less severe outages in the middle of the country.

Of course amidst the outage users were taking to Twitter to voice concerns and seek solutions to the issues. The issues began around noon and were mostly related to the app not loading and no access to documents saved in the drive.

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Google did not post a tweet on its Drives or Docs Twitter accounts on Friday but response tweets were going out to some users voicing concerns. These response tweets said “The team is aware about this and working on it,” but offered no reason for the outage or when it would be back up and running as usual.

How to get to Google Drive and Docs while it’s down:

The issue seemed to mainly have to do with the page that comes up after selecting Docs, Sheets, Slides or another app from the upper right corner menu when you're signed into Google. To get around this to access what you have saved in your drive, or to create a new item in your Drive go directly to drive.google.com. This will bypass that landing page entirely and allow you to access the documents and anything you have saved in your drive. Additionally, quitting use of the web browser in use for Drive was a suggest some people on Twitter had for solving the problem.

Many users were tweeting an image of their Google Drive, Sheets or Docs simply not loading.

Hindered work on a Friday afternoon in the middle of August had some people just about ready to call it a day.

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The issue was widespread and impacting most of Google’s apps that many people rely on for work.

The outage had people pretty annoyed.

The reactions GIFs were pouring onto Twitter during the trying time.

Of course, many users were using Twitter to check whether they were the only ones having issues with the site and its app. They all found that they weren't alone. 

Google was tweeting users saying that they were working on the issue. But no timeline was given in those tweets so users should access their documents directly through drive.google.com or sit tight.