Alex Etling, a professional actor, was one of the first 8,000 people chosen to purchase and test Google Glass, the futuristic wearable computer that uses an optical head-mounted display, or OHMD, that users can interact with.

Google Glass is the culmination of the Project Glass research and development project aimed at developing a mass-produced ubiquitous computer that can be integrated into everyday objects, activities and experiences. The Google Glass headset uses a bone-conduction transducer to notify the user quietly without disturbing anyone nearby.

Etling talked to International Business Times about his experience with and thoughts about Google Glass after his first week of use.

Etling tweeted #ifihadglass for the chance to purchase and beta test wearable technology from Google and was chosen as one of the lucky winners. However, the $1500 price tag was not something Etling could afford upfront, so he turned to Indiegogo, a crowd-funding website similar to Kickstarter, for help.

Asked what he wanted to do with Google Glass, Etling told IBTimes, “I’m really interested in seeing if Google Glass has any applications on stage.” His ultimate goal would be to produce Martin McDonagh’s “The Pillowman” and use Google Glass to show the audience a first-person perspective of the main character in a Google Hangout.

Privacy advocates have voiced concerns about Google Glass and particularly its built-in camera. But as one of the first users, Etling told IBTimes he's the one getting photographed: “I’ve been recorded more having Google Glass by people taking pictures of me on the street than I’ve ever wanted to record anybody else.”

In Etling’s day-to-day life, he documents his experience with Google Glass on his Twitter account @GoogleGlassNYC.

Google Glass users have taken the technology all over the world, from the courts of Wimbledon to The Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva to the operating room.

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