Hugo Strange has been doing his best to push villains towards creating mayhem on “Gotham” Season 2. The criminal doctor is expected to eventually make dead bad guys come back to life and in a new sneak-peek video he appears to have stumbled onto a way to put an end to mortality in episode 18, titled “Pinewood.” The question is, who is Strange bringing back? Could it be Theo Galavan or Jerome Valeska?

TVLine shared an exclusive video which begins with Strange (BD Wong) and Ms. Peabody (Tonya Pinkins) looking through a glass window as doctors work on an unknown subject. He’s using the freezing solution from Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow) to bring the patient back to life, but the face of the patient isn’t shown.

“Our moment has arrived Ms. Peabody, our success here could finally free humanity from the shackle of mortality,” Strange says with a smile.

Peabody doesn’t sound too convinced after she talks about past failed experiments. She informs him that someone from Wayne Enterprises is looking into a past patient of theirs that’s been missing for years. The patient’s name is Karen Jennings (Julia Taylor Ross) and it sounds like Strange may have turned her into some kind of monster. You can watch the video here.

While the two talk about their past patient, the biggest question for fans is who is this “Patient 44” mentioned in the video. Based on what’s been shown on the series so far in part two of Season 2, the likely candidates are Theo Galavan (James Frain), Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan).

All three villains have been shown in containers in the background at the Indian Hill facility this season, so it’s only a matter of time before we start to see some of them return. It’s already been reported that Theo and Fish will be back for more action in Season 2 and Theo could come back even more powerful than he was before.

Moviepilot has photos of Frain on set in the costume of Batman supervillain Azrael, which could be bad news for the GCPD when this character arrives in Gotham City. The promo video for episode 18 shows Galavan fighting off doctors in the same black outfit the patient was dressed in, which makes it likely Theo will be back next week.

While “Patient 44” might not be Fish, TVLine reported that Fish is going to return for a few episodes before Season 2 wraps up. Fish has yet to show her face, but it’s likely she’ll be popping back up in the near future. It looked like things were over for Jerome when he was betrayed by Theo earlier this season. However, after his body was shown there is still the possibility that the Joker-like Jerome could laugh his way back from the dead thanks to Strange.

You can watch the promo video for episode 18 below:

“Gotham” Season 2, episode 18, airs Monday, April 18 at 8 p.m. EDT. Who do you think Strange is bringing back? Sound-off in the comments section below!